Kacey Klein

short stories ~ literary fiction ~ social commentary

copyright © 1999 - 2013


As a cashier, I'm required to request certain information from the customer.

A cherub, bringing to mind Kilroy, hung on the lip of the counter watching me as I finished the customer in front of her and her mother. Bringing my full attention to her, I stopped the world for a breath, and then ask: "Did you find everything you were looking for?"

Her Precious Moment cow eyes went saucer wide. She stopped the universe for a breath back at me. With a nod using her entire body as only a child can do, she answers: "Yes."

"Do you have a Price Plus card for me?" My eyebrows rose.

She doesn't know, puzzling only for a butterfly's wing. "Mom? Do I have a Price Plus card for him?"

Mom hands the card to her daughter, she hands it to me. "Yes, I do!"

With the card scanned, I return it. "Thank you."

"You are welcome!"

"Are you going to bag for me?"

She glances at her mother, and then turns back to me. "Of course!"

At the end of the sale, I passed the receipt to the child. "Thanks for shopping ShopRite and thanks again for bagging."

"You are welcome!"


I get paid for this.